About Us

Coachella Event takes place near the Beautiful city of Indio.

Culturas Music and Arts:

Culturas Music & Arts is an organization operating in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Culturas has worked to change the stigma of our community by providing art & music venues. We have worked with numerous artists, musicians, and local organizations to realize projects. We are continuously expanding our vision to serve the community.

Culturas is a Spanish word meaning “culture”. Art and music are some of the elements that are at the center of all cultures. By sharing art and music we can teach each other about our culture as well. The arts is an essential part of a community. If promotes well-being, creates vibrant communities that are more connected, diverse groups share common experiences, new perspectives & builds understanding. The idea is essential to Culturas Music & Arts mission and work.


Coachella Event first began on October 9, 1999 in South California.

Our Future Goals:

We are constantly expanding our vision to serve the community. Our goals include collaborating with local artists on public arts project and creating community arts.
“Centro Cultural for the Arts & Music. The center will feature recording studio, community stage, ceramic studios, woodworking shop, culinary kitchen, coffee shop/gallery and many other community art programs for at risk-youth.

Meet Our Team

Yaya Ortiz


Eric Lemus Nadurille

Member & Community Organizer

Ruben R. Gonzalez

Project Coordinator

Keila Cupil


Fred Warzecha

Artist of " Warzecha Art Works" Artists Coordinator for Live Art Events

Jon Carroll Otterson


In Memory Or Our Friend and Activist

Pepe Rivera